Warlock: The Armageddon

Um, I'll replace
the window in the morning.

Don't...don't worry about it.
Look, I'm sorry. You know, I...
For what?
Well, I'm letting you guys down.
No, you're not letting us down.
- Is he?
- No.

Why don't you go get some rest?
We'll see you in the morning.

Good night, dad.
Good night, Franks.

We've got three days left.
I know that.
I know that.

Look, the kid's going to be fine.
He'll do it. I'm sure of.

(loud crashing)
Kenny: Sorry!
I'm going to go find me
a nice burial spot.

Good night, Will.
Good bye, come again.
Good night.
We're your family.
They are all gone.
Sometimes I think you
actually are psychic.

Yeah, right.

You did fool those old bats
tonight, though.

That's not a bad take.
Buy yourself a big steak, huh?
How can you have faith in a god
that cannot even control creation?

How can he lead you to salvation?