Warlock: The Armageddon

May I help you, sir!?
Sir, can I help you?
Can I help you, sir!
Sir, sir... can I help you?

- Sir?
- Shut up!

Who the hell are you?
I'm sorry I couldn't make
an appointment, Nathan.

How did you get past
my secretary?

She's looking for a new opening.
I can have security in here
in less than a minute.

Who the hell do you
think you are?

A collector.
I'll give you about three seconds
to get to the point.

I'm interested in this stone.
Sorry, it's not for sale.
I never said anything
about buying it.

Please, remove it from
its encasement.

You're really beginning
to piss me off.

Shame, I thought you'd like to
see it with its companion pieces.

Where did you get those?
I told you, I'm a collector.