**Lyin'to the races **
Gino, you come
in here now!

**Somebody help me
I'll take you there **

**Help me, y'all
I'll take you there **

**Help me now
I'll take you there ****

[Woman] I don't remember much
about when I was a kid.

I remember the summers.
Bungalow Bar and Johnny Ride the Pony.

Listenin'to 45s
on the Close 'N Play.

Oh, most of all, sittin'on the front
stoop with my best friend Teen...

and her six sisters
playin'beauty parlor.

I was eleven years old.
I looked like a 40-year-old divorcee
with a drinkin'problem.

I had no brothers
or sisters...

which in a Catholic neighborhood
like Bensonhurst
made me kinda like a Martian.

I gotta go
change the record.

- Put on "Band Of Gold. "
- Yeah, that sounds good.

My mother left
when I was three.

I didn't know much about her except
she was an Italian from Texas...

that Pop met when he was
in the army down there.

She's what my Aunt Vicky
called a "free spirit. "

I knew she was livin'
back in Texas somewhere...

but no one ever talked about her,
least of all my pop.

Every year we signed a Christmas card
and mailed it down to her sister...

but that's as close
as I ever got.

- Hey!
- Who's this?

- No one. Give it back!
- Is it your mother?

My mother told me she used to dance
half naked in the snow.

She's a free spirit.
Back off!
**All that's left
is a band of gold **

**All that's left
of the dreams I hold **

**Is the band of gold
and the memories **