Arizona Dream

you have to look at their dreams.
Then you'd have mercy for those
who swim in bigger shit than your own.

My name is Axel Blackmar, and I work
for the Department of Fish and Game.

Most people think I count fish,
but I don't.

I look at their souls, their dreams
and then I let them into my dreams.

People think fish are stupid, but they
aren't. They know when to be quiet,

It's people that are stupid. Fish know
everything, and don't need to think.

See, fish start out in small streams,
then I prepare them for the ocean.

When they're ready to die,
they return to where they came from.

That's my connection,
that's why I swam away to the city.

Okay, here's my job:
All I do
is temporarily electrocute the fish,

then with deep respect, I scoop 'em
and haul 'em in, one by one...

Sometimes I'll look into fish eyes
and I'll see my whole life.

It's something only fish can show us,
and I love 'em for it.

I tag the fish, measure 'em and weigh
'em, make sure they're doing okay.

If they want to talk, I always listen.
That's the job of a Fish God.

I've never caught a fish in a lie,
and I've never seen a fish
swim in the shit that human people do.

That's why I love my work,
and I love New York.

Not because my mother said it was
a place with real magnetic pull,

but because you can see everybody,
and nobody can see you.

Hey, honey! How are you?
How was Istanbul?

I'm looking for my girlfriend, Suzanne
Supak. I just spoke with her. Over.

I love you too, honey.
I miss you too, honey. Over.
Two more, please!

Pregnant? Wow! Over.
Listen, honey...