Body Snatchers

Where do I begin?
I guess with the idea that sometimes
things happen that we don't understand.

Maybe we shouldn't try to.
My dad had been assigned to inspect
the military southern sector of the EPA.

My stepmother, my half-brother and I
spent two months on the road with him.

It's hard being in a car with a 6-year-old
and the woman who replaced your mom.

But nobody asked me what I wanted
to do that summer.

I guess things do happen for a reason...
...even if you don't like what that reason is.
Come on.
Fill it up.
- You got a rest room?
- It ain't great, but we've got one.

- Not the "big old fat" part.
- Which part?

- Can I have a soda?
- No.

- I see you're from Washington, D.C.
- That's right.

Long way from home.
You're bad. You're bad.