Body Snatchers

Sure this is the house?
What's going on?
Found him wandering around.
We figured he was lost.
You should be in day care.
I hate that place.
What happened?
They all had the same pictures.
They tried to make me go to sleep.
Tried to make me go to sleep.
Sorry to have troubled you.
No trouble.
What're you doing home?
Are you an MP, or something?
No, I'm a chopper pilot.
Thanks for bringing him home.
Maybe I'll see you around.
Top Gun? It's on Route 8.
It's the only club around.

Name's Tim.
- No problem at all.
- Thanks.

Take care.
- Thank you.
- No problem.

Appreciate it.
Thanks very much.
All right. Take care.
- Say, "Thank you."
- Thank you.

What's this about, "The kids don't
like me?" How could they not?

He's the new kid.
It's his first day at school.

The faster he goes back,
the faster he'll make friends.

- Hi.
- Hey, chick.

Get your coat. Let's go.
Where are we going?
Out. Anywhere. Anywhere but here.