Cabin Boy

[ Ringing ]
Has it been a week already?
Actually it's been nine days.
Time flies.

We'll probably have to
shovel him off that raft.

Yeah. Maybe if we're lucky,
he'll die in a few hours.

[ Skunk ]
This kid ain't real.

[ Nathanial ]
I'm back, fellas.

Hooo-oooh. Hi.

Thank you.
[ Groaning ]

Oh, greeting, fellow fishermen.

I never thought I'd be
so happy to see you again--

and this stinking garbage scow.
Oh! Oh! Big Teddy, thank you.
A welcome home sandwich.

You sure got
a lot of energy for someone
who's half-dead from exposure.

That's a very, good point.
I would have been dead had it
not been for the sharkman.

- Sharkman?
- [ Giddy Laughter ]

judging from his appearance,
that's the most appropriate name
I could come up with for him.

I hate this kid.
This, uh, thing
you're talkin' about.

- Did it have the body of a shark
and the arms and face of a man?
- That's the chap.

- Holy jumpin' jack fish. Chocki!
- Chocki!

- Who the hell is Chocki?
- Half-man, half-shark.

Legend has it, a Viking ship went down
in Hell's Bucket 500 years ago.