Cabin Boy

One of the Vikings was spared
a grisly death by a shark
who fell in love with him.

Well, you know how it goes.
One thing led to another and--

The Viking knocked up
the shark?

And they had one offspring::

just when you think you've heard
everything about Hell's Bucket,

along comes another
nauseating legend.

[ Groaning ]
And the bad thing is Chocki's
kind of flighty by nature.

He can be friendly one minute,
and then hate you the next.

Now that he's taken
a shine to the kid here,
he's probably following us,

- and that could be trouble.
- Well, why's he so flighty?

Who the hell knows. We're talkin'
about a half-man, half-shark.

There's gotta be some kind
of a chromosomal damage
with a matchup like that.

Hey! Take a look at this.
Oh, Lord, spare me another one
of these insanities.

Sweet Henry,. She's got more whiskers
than a laid-off circus clown.

Gee, they ought to rename
this place ""Wackyville.''

[ Giggling ]
Ooh, 'cause it's wacky.

Aaah. Oooh, I'll feel better
once we get outta these waters.

All this anxiety from being
in a strange and mysterious land...

- is giving me gas.
- Aw, Christ.

- Oh, geez.
- [ Thunderclap ]

Ah, purple lightning.
That's always a good sign.

- [ Boat Rattling ]
- [ Imitating Airplane Noises ]

Here they are.
Your fish stick kitties.

[ Chuckles ] My own invention.
Thank you very, much.

I thought mealtime could use
a little sprucing up around here.
[ Chuckles ]

Paps, here's your kitty.
[ Meowing ]
I'm awful tasty, Paps--

Get out of my face,
you half-assed Edgar Bergen.