D2: The Mighty Ducks

- Bring it in, Gordon.
- Okay, Dad.

All right! Way to shoot, there.
You look good, son.

Listen, i want you
to remember this pond.

No matter how far you go,
don't forget your home.

Here in the third period, where the
Minnehaha Waves led by Gordon Bombay...

are in the lead four to one.
What a story this is.!

He went from a legal career to coach
the Minneapolis Mighty Ducks...

to a State Pee Wee
Championship last year.

And this year, at age 29...
he's one short step away
from the N.H.L.

There's the puck at center ice.
It's intercepted by Gordon Bombay.

Bombay across the blue line. He's in
all alone. Great chance for Bombay.

Dekes once, twice, in front.
He shoots. He scores.!

Gordon Bombay, unassisted,
puts his team up five to one.

Boy, he can still fly.
Ifhe keeps this up, I'd expect to see
him in the National Hockey League...

real soon.
Here's Bombay in his own zone. Comes up the
right wing side, steps away from one check there.

Still has the puck at center ice.
Gets pinned along the boards.

Fights to get free.
Aah! Aah!
Oh, what a hit.!
Bombay goes down hard.