D2: The Mighty Ducks

Sounds great. Give 'em
a call for me,Jan.

- Maybe i can sharpen their skates.
- Don't knock skate sharpening.

i know.
it's a great skill,Jan.

But i don't want to spend the rest of my life
sharpening skates in this rinky-dink town.

i want something better.
Something bigger.
- You don't have to do them right now.
- Oh, thanks.

You have a customer.
Go and help him.

Then come back and do them.
- Can i help you?
- Oh!

Oops, sorry.
Got away from me. Hi.

Oh, wow, yeah.
You look great. Yeah.

- Yeah, much better than your pictures.
- Thanks.

i'm, uh, Don Tibbles...
Senior V.P.,
Hendrix Hockey Apparel.

How's the knee? i have a doctor in Los
Angeles i want to take a look at it.

- He's doing great things with baboon ligaments.
- Hendrix Hockey, huh?

What exactly is it that
you want, Mr. Tibbles?

i want you, Gordon.
i want the next coach ofTeam
U.S.A. to become a household name.

i want you to become
synonymous with winning...

and winning to become
synonymous with Hendrix.

Er, wait a minute.
Y- You're joking, right? i mean...

- this is a joke.
- it's no joke. This is the real thing, Gordon.

You want me to coach
Team U.S.A.?

Your friend Jan's been
pitching you for months.

Gordon, what you did with the
Ducks, there was magic, and we-

and by we, i mean
Hendrix Hockey...

theJunior Goodwill Games and your country
- need that magic.

What do ya say, coach?
Come on.
Let's round up those Ducks.

- Got a lot of work to do.
- Gordon.

Use this.
- Thanks,Jan.
- Go get 'em, Gordon.