D2: The Mighty Ducks

- You didn't tell me that.
- it's all right!

- That guy's a dentist?
- That was his nickname.

Played one year of pro,
collected more teeth than goals.

- He even punched out his coach.
- They ran him out of the league and the country.

What happened to freedom of
speech, huh? isn't this America?

That's his team?
Those guys are huge!

- One more thing- - He's
already told you what he thinks.

- Gordon.
- Thanks. How'd i do?

- Great. it was quite a circus, huh?
- it's all part of the game.

A giant polar bear with sunglasses
is part of hockey now?

i guess the game's
really changed.

Gordon, come on.
CNN, one on one.

Gordon.! Just one question.!
One question.!

- Hello, there, missy.
How about a bear hug?

Tibbles, what are we
doin' here in Malibu?

This is your new place, man.
it's our way of saying "Thank you. "

You take care of Hendrix,
Hendrix is gonna take care of you.

i can't help feeling a little guilty.
Shouldn't i be closer to the team?

You know, they don't
need me 24 hours a day.

- i'm sure they're just fine in the dorms.
- Yeah.

Shh. Do it quiet.
All right.
Let me get the hand.

- Hurry.
- i'm hurrying! Shh!

Go ahead.
Okay, that's good.