D2: The Mighty Ducks

all over the ice
in the first period.

Here's Gunnar Stahl
again for Iceland.

Team U.S.A. can't stop him.
On the backhand, saved by Goldberg.

Captain Adam Banks has it for Team
U.S.A. He gets knocked head over heels.

Team U.S.A. still with the puck.
Luis Mendoza, he can really fly.

Mendoza across the blue line. He
gets tripped, slides into the boards.

Come on, ref,
call something.

- We're in trouble, Ken. What can you do for us?
- Let's see.

Uh, a triple aerial
with a Double Hamill Camel...

that should split the D, then a
pirouetting half-toe-touch for the goal.

- Show it to me, son.
- Come on, Kenny. Get us back in the game.

i'm sure
you can do it, Ken.

Aw, man. Aw.
Was that it?
Please give me one more
chance to get those guys!

They've got to get back into
this game. Iceland with the puck.

Here's Olaf Sanderson
right down the middle.

- Sanderson over to Stahl.
He scores.!

Where's our concentration?
You guys are runnin' around like a bunch
of chickens with your heads cut off!.

- We're doin' our best.
- Well, your best isn't good enough anymore.

Blow this game and we are one
loss away from elimination.

You guys might want to go home
early, but i sure as heck don't.

My, that was inspiring.
Four-nothing, Iceland, as we
head for the final period.

I hope Bombay's got some magic up his sleeve,
because he's getting manhandled tonight.