D2: The Mighty Ducks

No! No.
You're off, Goldberg!
Ah, thank you.
- Hey, good luck, goalie. You're gonna need it.
- Thanks, Goldberg.

- Sending in a woman to do a man's job.
- Don't break a nail.

i'm sorry, boys, but can you
help me with my pads, please?

Yeah. Oof!.
Intent to injure.!
You're out of the game.!

- See ya around, fellas.
Aw, geez.

Thanks for the breather.
- Fulton! Get out there and blast one!
- Go on in!

Fulton Reed on the ice
for Team U.S.A.

- He's open to the blue line.
- Fulton, fire it in there!

Reed winding up-
Whoa.! Glove save by Seggi.
Oh, what a save.! He'll have an
imprint of a puck in his palm...

after that one.!
- Hi.
- i know how you feel.

Here's Banks,
starts onto the ice...

moves along the left wing side,
now moves into the center, but-

A spinning move.! A great
move to the blue line.

Banks all alone.
He scores.!

Yeah, we got one!
Come on! Relax!
Take it easy!

- Calm down, son.
- Are you okay?

- i'm all right. i'm okay.
- Are you sure?

He scored!
- Sit down. Right in there.
- Sanderson!

In my country,
we call that a love tap.

i want a piece of you,
Sanderson! You're mine!

- Oh, you think it's funny?
- Come on, get down!

i want you!
Hey, man, don't touch me.!