D2: The Mighty Ducks

C'mon, Charlie!
That's it!

- iceland!
- Olaf.

Ja, Coach.
- Good game, Coach.
- Thanks, ref.

Damn it!
Twelve to one, huh?
Twelve to one.

Ya think Hendrix is interested
in backing a loser?

Hey, how are ya?
You're only good to us
if you win.

Don, i'm- i've-
i- i've been good to you, man.
i gave ya a real shot.

A real shot
to be somebody...

and this is
how you repay me.

We just didn't have
the magic tonight.

Well, you better get the damn
magic, and you better get it fast.

Or i'm out of a job, and you're on your
way back to Palookaville, Minnesota...

shoveling snow
and sharpening skates.

Have a nice night.
Twelve to one.
You know what word comes to
mind when you think of that? Hmm?

You guys were brought
here to play hockey.

- What about you?
- What about me,Jesse?

Coach Stansson knew everything
about us. They were ready for us.

And you spend your time driving around in
convertibles talking to those sponsor fools.

Or hanging with the iceland lady.
We saw you two Saturday night.

Eating ice cream with
the enemy, huh, coach?

What? What are you talking
about? What's going on?

Hey. Hey, what i do is none of
your business. is that clear?

Don't take those pads off.
Everyone stay in your gear.
We have practice.