What happened?
Who knows? An old girlfriend,
a bottle of wine, a late meeting...

-...fill in the blanks.

You're like women who think they're in
the hotel room, drunk, to watch TV.

Could you possibly be more lame?
For your information, Mark,
Tom told me everything.

Everything that happened.
And I support him 100%%%.
That is so sweet, but I don't think--
Let's not discuss it.
Let's just enjoy the evening.
Obviously, something happened.
Did you have sex?
-Think first. Because if you're lying--
-No, I said, no.

She kissed me, and she unzipped
my pants, and-and-and-and-and--

And that was it.
How did it get that far?
-You think I encouraged her?
-Her hand was in your pants?

-Nothing happened.
-How did that happen?

Then she accuses me
of sexual harassment--

-She harassed you?
-You don't believe me?

Mark doesn't believe you.
He's got stock options on the brain.
He's back-stabbing.

Everybody's sure you're having
an affair with Cindy.

-We're not having an affair.
-How could you let this happen?

-Nothing happened.
-Something happened.

She's an old girlfriend of yours.
Like I'm surprised. That club's
as exclusive as the white pages.

-I was going to tell you.
-I can't believe everyone knew but me.

-Nobody knows it.
-You're so naive. Of course they know.

I'm old-fashioned.
I greet my inferiors with a handshake.

I'll handle it.
What does she look like?
She's attractive.
One to ten.