Due South

Well they did, sir.
And then they sent me back here again.

I'm afraid I'm not at all
that well liked up there, sir.

By up there you mean...
Pretty much all of Canada, sir.
Hmm, the wolf isn't involved in this is it?
Only porifically, sir.

Permission to speak freely, sir?
This I like.
Permission to speak freely.
Go ahead young man.
Leftenant, Willie Lambert is a petty thief.
If he'd stolen a million dollars
in bearer bonds,...

...he'd hardly be on the streets
the next morning stealing purses.

Good reason... Louie?
Maybe some of the bigger kids took it away
from him. How could I know.

He says he found the gun
in a brief case he stole.

He can identify its owner.
We've got him out there right now sir
putting together a composite.

Lt... you let that kid walk out of here
you'll never see him again.

Are you willing to take responsibility for him?
You see that's the problem sir,
in that you know, I date a lot.

Huey and Louie get him.
Good call Lt.

I'll take responsibility sir.
You want him?
It's a Mountie thing sir.
Two more points and he gets to go camping.

All right. You got him.
Wait a minute, Lt. You gotta...

Thank you sir.
One more thing.
If you lose him,
Vecchio loses his shield.

That's perfectly reasonable sir.
Do you know who this is?
This is Heather Lockley.
The kid is yanking our chain.

Hey-hey wait a minute.
I saw her for two seconds.

You try to draw one of these things.
I'll run it through VI-CAP see
if I can find a match.

Thanks, Elaine.
Want me to call you at home?
My case, Elaine, me.
Detective Vecchio. Police officer.

You talk directly to me, okay?
But I should probably have
the number just in case.

Oh, uh--I'm afraid I don't have.
He uses smoke signals.
We'll call in.

Come on, mush.
They don't have women in the Yukon?

It's just they're not quite so ... uh ...

Like your dog.