Due South

Ah yes that's true sir.
You really had to be there.

Would five o'clock be enough time
to clear out your desk?

I mean I don't want to rush you
but uh we could use that space...

...for actual police work.
Five o'clock would be--
Rush hour.

Uh, he's just now picking
these things up sir.

It has nothing to do with rush hour.
No it just gives me
enough time to pack.

Permission to leave sir.
Oh, yes.

I better look after him sir.
Hamlin couldn't have taken
the bonds out himself...

...and he couldn't risk
the bonds being missed.

So they had to remain in the vault
until just before the robbery.

But if he was in on it why didn't he
let the robbers take the bonds?

You know Ray,
when I was a young man,...

...my father told me one thing
to always remember about thieves.

Well, actually he told me two things,
but I've forgotten the other one.

Anyway, the important one is
that despite the adage,...

...you will rarely find honor
among thieves.

You can't remember the other one?
It was something about
tying a wallet to your underwear.

I was very young at the time.
Anyway, the point is if they took
the money during the robbery,...

...then Hamlin would have to trust
them to give him his share.

And they don't look like trustworthy types.
Indeed, so he had to get them
out just before the robbery...

...but do it without drawing
attention to himself.

It would have to be
a unnormal occurrence.

Something that happened everyday
just before five o'clock.

The courier!
That is so stupid.

It's simple.
So he sent them to himself.
No to easy to trace.
To the woman.

Doesn't trust her.
To who then?

Maybe no one.
A fake name, a fake address,
no way to trace it.

Which means the package
would end up back at --

The depot.

Which means--
I'm going the wrong way.

Hang on!
[Sound of whistling tyres and car sirens]