Ed Wood

I know what it's like
to live with a secret...

and worry about what people
are gonna think ofya.

My girlfriend still doesn't know why
her sweaters are always stretched out.

Ed, you seem like a nice kid.
Look around you.

I don't hire directors with burning
desires to tell their stories.

I make movies
like Chained Girls.

I need someone with experience
who can shoot a film in four
days and make me a profit.

I'm sorty.
That's all that matters.

Can I get you
anything else, kid?.

Too constrictive!
I can't even fold my arms.

Gee, Mr Lugosi,
I've never had any complaints.

This is the most uncomfortable coffin
I've ever been in.

Your selection is quite shoddy.
You're wasting my time!

- Mr Lugosi?.
- I told you I don't want any
ofyour goddam coffins!

No, no!
I don't work here.

- Then who are you?. What do you want?.
- I don't want anything.

- I'm just a really big, big fan.
I've seen all your movies.
- [ Scoffs ]

-Mr Lugosi, why are you buying a coffin?.
-I'm planning on dying soon.

- No!
- Yes! I'm embarking on another
bus and truck tour of Dracula.

Twelve cities in ten days,
if that's conceivable.