Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

There's been some trouble
on the ranch, you know?

It's so dark now.
Doubt if I could find my way back
by myself.

You save your breath
for the climb.

I don't know
how to polka.

Me neither.
Personally I prefer
Stevie Wonder or Tony Bennett,

but what the hell?
Those cowgirls are always
complaining and bitching

about there's only
"one station in the area

and all it does
is ever play polkas."

Well, I say you can
dance to anything

as long as you
feel like dancing.

I pledge to you tonight
from this office

that I will do everything
in my power to ensure

that the guilty are
brought to justice

and that such abuses are purged
from our political processes,

in the years to come
long after I have left this office.