Fear of a Black Hat

'Cause the kangaroo court don't trust us
Wasn't the first and won't be the last
Brothers got to move to get that ass
Plead your case to the C-O-U-R-T
But they never see Y-O-U and me
Verdict by a punk-assed jury
opened up a black man's fury

See that?
Guerrillas in the Midst.
Man, that is going to be crazy large!

And the album, Fear of a Black Hat,
that's going to be bigger than Wild Thing.

Man, you brothers are going to be large...
for the simple fact that you're with me.
And I got the winning team, and I am large.
I am larger than large.

In fact, I am so big they call me Dinosaur.
But you got to be careful.
Y'all talking about some heavy shit.

That ain't your average garden-variety,
run-of-the-mill gangster bullshit.

Y'all hardcore. But you got an edge.
I mean, just look at you three brothers.
Just look at you. Together.

You little black,
stove-pipe-colored nigga, Tasty.

You are the same complexion
as Marcus Garvey...

who brought self-love to the black
consciousness movement in the 1930s.

And when we speak about complexion...
we move into the political perspective
of where y'all coming from.

You, lce.
You a high-yellow,
piss-colored motherfucker.

Same complexion as Bob Marley.
You even got that
dreadlock thing going for you.

You could even move into the whole
Rasta thing, if you wanted to.

But that's another story.
And you.
You good, red-boned, morani-colored...
genie-in-a-bottle-looking motherfucker.
You're the same complexion as Malcolm X.
That's right. Take off your hat.
Red hair! Just like Malcolm.
Boy, I'm telling you,
you brothers are going to be large!

Like I said, you got to be careful.
Because you're telling the truth
and the white man...

don't want you all saying
what you're saying.