Fear of a Black Hat

The association between rap and violence
is purely a "fictitional" thing...

that is a result of media hype.
'Cause N.W.H., we're anti-violent.
I'll bust a cap in anybody
who thinks different.

But it's true that you guys
are the only group...

to carry live weapons in your stage show.
Yeah, that's a result of some shit
that went down...

back in Cincinnati.
We used to carry fake AK-47s on-stage.
They was plastic, right?

We pulled the shit out in Cincinnati,
the audience pulled some shit out on us.

Silly, crazy banana weapons...
Stupid weapons, man.

How was them niggas living, you know?
Since then, we be ready
for the knuckleheads who feeling froggy.

Right, trying to come at us
with a little something extra.

Besides that, we let people know
we ain't with the violence...

by putting out our music in our videos.
Like we got one called
A Gangsta's Life Ain't Fun.

I'm a G-A-N-G-S-T-E-R
like Scarface, bitch, I'm a superstar

Revered by all though I am the villain
Gainin' more juice by the others I'm killin'
profilin' and stylin'
Drive a fly ride and the hos just pile in
I make gangster money
'cause I'm gangster bold

Fuck gangster bitches
wearing gangster clothes

and I kill by will with skillful thrills
Another way to pay the bills
I'm the boy wonder, god of thunder

Make a move and I'll put you under
I'm notorious, I live glorious
I'm the fly gangster that remains victorious

Get up in your top-shelf clothes
Cold fuckin' top-shelf hos

I'm the man they call number one
Don't try this shit at home

A gangsta's life ain't fun
Tell 'em, that's the mad hatter Ice
Don't chill while he's schoolin'

'Cause you'll be losing
We coming to you on the e-pod tip

A gangsta's life ain't fun
A gangsta's life ain't fun
Ain't no waitin' or hesitatin'
Just hype riff-baitin'