Forrest Gump

Run, son of a bitch, run!
Go! Run!

Run! Run! Go!
[Whistle Blows]
He must be the stupidest
son of a bitch alive ,

but he sure is fast.
Now, maybe it's just me,
but college was
very confusing times.

Federal troops,
enforcing a court order,

in tegrated the University
of Alabama today.

Two Negroes were admitted,
but only after
Go vern or George Wallace

had carried out
his symbolic threat

to stand in the school house door.
I take it from that statement...
Earl, what's going on?
Coons are trying
to get into school.

Coons? When raccoons tried
getting on our back porch,

Mama just chased them off
with a broom.

Not raccoons, you idiot. Niggers .
And they want to go
to school with us.

With us? They do?
[TV Reporter]
Shortly after Govern or Wallace

had carried out his promise
to block the door way,

Kennedy ordered these cretary
of defense to use military force.

Here, by video tape,
is the encounter

by General Graham, commander
of the National Guard,

and Govern or Wallace.
Because these National Guardsmen
are here today as
federal soldiers for Alabama,

and they live within our borders.
They are our brothers.
We are winning in this fight,
because we are awakening
the American people

to the dangers that
we have spoken about so many times

that is so evident today- -
A trend to ward military
dictatorship in this country.

And so, at day's end,
the University of Alabama in
Tuscaloosa had been desegregated,

and students Jimmy Hood
and Vivian Malone

had been signed up
for summer classes.