Forrest Gump

[Lieutenant Dan]
Top smoke. Get it up there .

If I'd have known
this was going to be

the last time
me and Bubba was gonna talk,

I'd of thought of
something better to say.

Hey, Bubba.
Hey, Forrest.
Why did this happen?
You got shot.
Then Bubba said something
I won't ever forget.

I want to go home.
Bubba was my best good friend.
And even I know
that ain't something you can
find just around the corner.

Bubba was going to be
a shrimping boat captain,

but instead, he died right there
by that river in Vietnam.

That's all I have
to say about that.

It was a bullet, wasn't it?
A bullet?
That jumped up and bit you.
Oh. Yes, sir.
Bit me directly
in the but-tocks .

They said it was a million
dollar wound, but...

the army must keep that money ,
'cause I still ain't seen a nicke I
of that million dollars .

The only good thing about being
wounded in the but-tocks

is the ice cream.
They gave me all
the ice cream I could eat.

And guess what?
A good friend of mine was
in the bed right next door.

Lieutenant Dan,
I got you some ice cream.

Lieutenant Dan, ice cream!