Forrest Gump

I guess Lieutenant Dan figured
there's some things
you just can't change.

He didn't want
to be called crippled

just like I didn't
want to be called stupid.

Happy new year, Gump.
The U.S. Ping-Pong team
met with President Nixon today...
Wouldn't you know it?
A few months later,
they invited me
and the Ping-Pong team

to visit the White House.
So I went...
And I met the president
of the United States again.

Only this time,
they didn't get us rooms

in a real fancy hotel.
Are you enjoying yourself
in our nation's capital,
young man ?

where are you staying?
It's called the Hotel Ebbott.
Oh, no, no, no.
I know a much nicer hotel.

It's brand-new. Verymodern.
I'll have my people
take care of it.

Security .
Yeah. Sir,
you might want to send
a maintenance man

over to that office
across the way .

The lights are off
and they must be looking
for a fuse box ,

'cause them flashlights,
they're keeping me awake .

O.K., sir.
I'll check it out.

Thankyou. Good night.
I shall resign the presidency
effective at noon tomorrow.
Vice President Ford
will be sworn in as president
at that hour in this office.
Forrest Gump.
Yes, sir!
As you were .
I have your discharge papers .
Service is up, son.