Forrest Gump

Does this mean I can't
play Ping-Pong no more ?

For the army, it does.
Andjust like that,
my service in
the United States Army was over.

So I went home.
I'm home, Mama.
I know. I know .
Louise, he's here .
Now, when I got home,
I had no idea,

but Mama had all sorts
of visitors.

We've had all sorts of visitors .
Everybody wants you
to use their Ping-Pong stuff.

One man even left
a check for $25,000

if you'd be agree able to saying
you like using their paddle.

I only like using
my own paddle.

Hi, Miss Louise.
Hey, Forrest.
I know that,
but it's $25,000, Forrest.

I thought maybe
you could hold it for a while,

see if it grows on you.
That Mama, shesure was right.
It's funny how things work out.
I didn't stay home for long
because I'd made
apromise to Bubba,

and I always try
to keep my promise,

so I went on down
to Bayou La Batre

to meet Bubba's family.
Are you crazy
or just plain stupid?

Stupid is as stupid does,
Mrs. Blue.

I guess.
And, of course,
I paid my respect
to Bubba himself.

Hey, Bubba.
It's me, Forrest Gump.

I remember everything
you said,

and I got it
all figured out.

I'm taking $24,562.47