Forrest Gump

that I got, that's left
after a new hair cut
and a newsuit

and to ok Mama out
to a real fancy dinner,

and I bought a bus ticket,
then three Dr. Peppers.

Tell me something.
Are you stupid or something?
Stupid is as stupid does, sir.
That's what's left
after me saying,

"When I was in China on
the all-America Ping-Pong team,

"I just loved
playing Ping-Pong

with my Flex-O-Lite
Ping-Pong paddle,"

which everybody knows isn't true,
but Mama said it wasjust
a little white lie,

so it wasn't hurting nobody.
So anyway ,
I'm putting all that

on gas, ropes, and new nets
and a brand-new shrimping boat.
Now Bubba told me everything
he knew about shrimping,

but you know what I found out ?
Shrimping is tough.
I only caught five .
A couple more ,
you can have yourself a cocktail.

Hey, you ever think about
naming this old boat?

It's bad luck to have
a boat without a name.

I'd never named a boat before,
but there was only one
I could think of,

the most beautiful name
in the wide world.

# Do a little dance #
# Make a little love #
# Get down tonight#
# Get down tonight#
# Do a little dance #
# Make a little love #
# Get down tonight#