Four Weddings and a Funeral

This new shop called Spank wants
a sales assistant. I think l'd be great.

- They sell all this funny rubber stuff.
- No...

Another wedding invitation,
and a list. Lovely!

They say rubber's mainly for perverts.
Don't know why.
I think it's very practical, actually.

You spill anything on it
and it just comes off.

That could be why the perverts like it.
You all right?
It's that girl Carrie.
You remember, the...

The American.
Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.
- Do you have the wedding list for Banks?
- Certainly, sir.

Lots of beautiful things
for around about the £1 ,000 mark.

What about things around
the sort of £50 mark? ls there much?

Well, you could get
that Pygmy warrior over there.

This? Excellent!
If you could find someone
to chip in the other 3,950.

Or our carrier bags are £1 .50 each.
Why don't you just get 33 of them?
Well, I think l'll probably leave it.
Thanks very much. You've been very...
- What did you get?
- Blimey!

Well, I never!
Nothing yet. I'm just, you know, deciding.
- It's nice to see you.
- It's nice to see you.

This present thing is great.
I should've gotten married years ago.

- Anybody get the Pygmy?
- The young man thought about it...

Just get me an ashtray.
Are you free for about a half-hour?
I'm meeting my brother,
but I can be a bit late.