Hoop Dreams

And welcome to
the 38th annual NBA All-Star game...

from Chicago Stadium.
A standing-room-only crowd.
A steal by Jordan.
he spun it away from the Mailman.

Just needs a little time-out to reorganize.
And the chances
of a West comeback are slipping away.

Aguirre for three.
I have never seen an All-Star game...
that had such spectacular passing...
and plays,
and thundering plays like this.

They're beginning to hang, Billy.
Ah, what a way to end this ball game.
Right now, I wanna, you know,
play in the NBA...

like anybody else would wanna be.
That's who -
That's something...

I dream and think
about all the time -

playing in the NBA.
he's just doing something
that he loves so much.