Hoop Dreams

that will help them for
the rest of their life.

The kids that are not willing to do it...
for whatever reason, uh...
are not gonna be very successful
as far as here.

The civil rights movement
started up in the '50s.

When William first entered St. Joe's...
tests revealed he was working
on a fourth or fifth-grade level.

I could see that he had the potential...
but because he was shy, it seemed as though
no one was trying to reach him.

Sister Marilyn told me,
"You have to be one good ballplayer...

to get in this school with these grades. '"
- What war beginning in the '60s?
- Vietnam.

At the end of the year,
he had gone four grades above...

just in the way he listened and learned.
Back in grammar school...
academics really didn't matter
too much to me at all.

It was playing ball for the team-
really, we was the standouts in the school.

If you showed up in class,
that was good enough for them.

I was just going to school for the girls.
Trip out with your friends...
get out, go play some more basketball.
That was basically it.
Arthur also entered St. Joe's
on a fourth or fifth-grade level.

Nobody in their right mind
is crazy about school.

If the president brought
up a thing right now

that say, "Close all schools"...
do you think any kids would be trying
to go out there, stand on a picket line...

and wave and get billboards...
saying, "Reopen schools"?