Hoop Dreams

Despite the loss,
William's gutty performance...

bodes well for next year.
There will be an announcement
on ticket sales immediately
following the game.

Rewriting 7,300 times 10...
to the negative fifth
in scientific notation.

Who wants that problem?
- I do.
- Go ahead, William.

- 7.3...
- 7.3...

- times 10 to the third.
- times 10 to the third times-

- 10 to the negative second.
- Is that good!

Very good.
When I went out there,
I was very intimidated...

'cause I just knew that everybody out there
was just smarter than me.

As the year went on...
and I was making
an "A'"and "B'"honor roll...

I just felt like,
"hey, I'm just as good as them. '"

Now what you have to identify-
Both William and Arthur
have partial scholarships from St. Joe's.

The rest of William's tuition
is paid for by Cycle...

a Cabrini Green organization.
But Cycle can't cover
this year's tuition increase.

I was called on
by Brother Edwin Duprais.

he was trying to raise money
to help kids...

that couldn't otherwise go
to those kind of schools.

It really touched a soft spot in my heart...
and so I decided that my husband and I
would participate on a personal basis.

William was selected as the kid...
that was able to go to school,
based on our contribution.

- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.

You played a great game. I want you to
meet our friends Liz Duncan, Tom Paris.