Hoop Dreams

Three-point lead with 12 seconds left.
My guy's William Gates.
I'd like to see him get it,just get to go
one-on-one and pull up and ice it.

Oh, boy. This is it.
- Gates is the man with the ball.
- That's the one I would want.

he's gonna pull up from way out.
Off the front of the rim.!

Kleinschmidt hits it around.
Three seconds left.

Cunningham goes out. It's up.!
No good.! Gordon Tech wins.!
to the Gordon Tech Rams.

They're on a joyride,
one game now from Champaign.

Come on.
Arthur's season ended well,
and he has high hopes...

to play for the varsity next year.
Whoo! Lots of iron on that shit.
Arthur's dad shows up.
Man got big hands.
These days, Arthur rarely sees him.
- Watch this. Watch this dunk.
- Joe, I'm gonna go after you, okay?

Watch this.
You got old legs, Dad.