Comrade, are there any doctors?
Yes, us!
I mean, older ones.
They're all reactionaries.
We've overthrown them.

Relax. Your wife's fine.
We can handle this.

Erxi, I'm worried.
Fengxia's a mute.
Can these young people cope?
We need an experienced doctor.
Even if he only stands by,
we would relax.

Have to get one out.
Let me think.
What is he doing here?
No reactionaries allowed!

Wang Bin! Stand up!
This is the same Wang Bin
who once insulted...

me and my wife,
saying she wasn't fit to reproduce.

How vile can you get?
We dragged him here today...
to educate him, to criticize him...
and to let him witness her giving birth.
To show him the heirs
of this new, Red world.

The working class is really something!
Wang Bin, don't make any trouble.
Don't move.
I wouldn't dare.