Give them to Dr. Wang.
Dr. Wang, have some buns.
Take your time. There's plenty.
Fengxia's child won't be mute, will he?
Of course not.
She wasn't born that way.

Will the baby be crippled?
Erxi's is a work-related injury.
It's not hereditary.

Anyway, it's bad luck
to talk like that.

Why not use this time...
to think of a name for the kid?
What name do you like?
"Don't Gamble."
- Don't be stupid.
- It was a joke.

What name do you like?
"Little Bun."
You just say anything!
That's not a name!
But it's a tradition.
Cat, Dog or Little Bun...
are not recorded
in the Register of Names.

The grim reaper
would know for sure.

He doesn't know those kids exist...
so they don't die.
That's what the old folks say.
Okay, then Little Bun it is.
For now, anyway.
Later, his dad
can give him a proper name.