I Love Trouble

Oh. Okay, now.
In case you have any more questions...

or if you finally decide
to tell me what you've
actually got up your sleeve...

- here's my card, Pete.
It's got my direct dial on it.
- Oh, thanks, Sam.

- Where are you parked?
- In the lot over there.

Oh, perfect.
We're gonna pass by...

- the best frozen yogurt joint
in the entire state.
- Yeah?

It's on Peterson.
- Look out!
- Sam!

Sam, are you okay?
What the hell
was that all about?

Medwick, it's me.
Just checking in.

Listen, I've put together a
"just the facts, ma'am" kind of thing...

and wanted to
run it by you, okay?

- They know you're there?
- Uh, no.

- I guess so far
they don't know we're here.
- You're lucky.

Yeah, real lucky.
So, here's what we know:

Beekman was the head researcher
on LDF.

He retires mysteriously,
then dies a week later.

His son boards a train with something
in his briefcase that his dad sent him.

The train crashes, the son dies,
and the briefcase is stolen.

The kid who stole it is murdered,
but before he dies he writes
the initials "LD" on his palm.

LD means LDF, and LDF means
a billion dollars a year.

So you tell me.
All this adds up to...

Good morning, everyone,
and welcome to Chess Chemical.

Our first stop on today's tour
will be the Chess Family
Science Discovery Centre.

Now, as we walk in pairs
down the Biology of Tomorrow corridor...

I'd like to point out some of the
everyday products created here at Chess.

For example, the cold medicine
that I forgot to take this morning...

as well as the disposable diapers
I used for my little one last night.

Now, as we continue on...
Extension 307 is a 72-year-old
cafeteria worker named Sadie.

Hair net,
orthopaedic shoes.

Are you sure?
Maybe it was 3-0-something else.

No, no, no. I'm positive.
Here, look.

Well, do you wanna get out of here,
or take a stroll down
the Biology of Tomorrow corridor?

Rule number one of
investigative reporting, Peterson,
is find out what you're up against.

- Let's stroll.
- What's rule number two?