Immortal Beloved

And he you.
I don't think so. No.
Then he was a fool!
I like you better drunk.
- It's good to talk about him.
- Yeah.

But is this why
you came all this way?

No, not only.
You said there was
some untinished business.

There is.
But how can I help you, Anton?
Perhaps it's nothing.
And perhaps it's the key to him.
Perhaps they're right
and I should let it go, but I cannot.

- It's impossible for me.
- But why?

It was that damned sonata...
the "Kreutzer."
At the time I entertained
ambitions of a musical career.

I'd gone to Vienna to study
and was fortunate enough...

to be taken by Schuppanzigh
as a pupil.

He and George Bridgetower,
the famous virtuoso from Africa...

were about to premiere
this new Beethoven sonata...

at Count Razumovsky's that evening...
and I was allowed
to attend the rehearsal.

It was there that the seed
of a mystery was planted...

that haunts me to this day.
Do you like it?
I cannot hear them.
But I know they are
making a hash of it.