Interview with the Vampire

You dress me Iike a doII.
You make my hair Iike a doII.
Some of these, CIaudia, are so oId...
-You shouId throw them away.
-I wiII, then!

What have you done?
What you toId me to do!
-You Ieave a corpse here to rot?
-I wanted her!

-I wanted to be her!
-She's mad!

She poIIutes the very house we Iive in!
Do you want me to be a doII forever?
Why not? Can't I change...
...Iike everyone eIse?
Which one of you did it?
Which one of you did it?
Which one of you made me the way I am?
What you are?
A vampire gone insane,
that poIIutes its own bed!

And if I cut my hair again?
It wiII grow back again.
But it wasn't aIways so!
I had a mother once.
And Louis, he had a wife.

He was mortaI, same as she.
And so was I!
You made us what we are!
Stop her.
Did you do it to me?
How did you do it?
And why shouId I teII you?
It's in my power.