You have an initial consultation
with the Lanzarottas...

-...and Mrs. Logan's here for a final.
-Okay. Bagel, please. Thank you.


-l'm ready to explode.
-Not here, you're not.

-Just one more month.

-Get me new blood and urine samples.
-Blood and urine samples.

Dr. Hesse, good luck with the FDA.
Luck is for the ill-prepared.
-Car's waiting out front.
-Thank you.

l had them check the traffic reports.
And the big dweeb?
He and Mr. Banes
will meet you downtown. Good luck.

ln testing the drug on chimpanzees
with a history of miscarriages...

...l found conclusively that in
every instance the side effects observed...

...were consistent with the behavioral
and metabolic changes in subjects...

...with normal, unmedicated pregnancies:
Nausea, mood swings,
appetite fluctuation, irritability--

Typical ''lamb chop's got a bun
in the oven'' type behavior.

This drug works.
Madam chairperson,
ladies and gentlemen...

...we respectfully request
the board's approval...

...to carry on into
an invasive human protocol.

Thank you.
You got to let us try this on real women.
Women in need.
Our sisters.
-Our daughters--
-Dr. Arbogast.

lf you could see the couples
that come into my office.

-Their pain and frustration is genuine.
-Dr. Arbogast.

This is an FDA hearing, not a telethon.
We have all the information we need.
Thank you.
As director of Leland University's
biotechnology research program...

...l thank you on behalf of my esteemed
colleagues for your consideration.

Let's go, gentlemen.