Prince Charming, the coach is leaving.
Thank you. l enjoyed that very much.
l loved it. Let's do it again.
Good night.
Now, what is taking so long?
They lost it, l know. Why have a ticket?

What are you doing?
Come over here.
What are you doing?
Feel how soft my skin is.
lt's time.
We're closing out the experiment.
Banes is sniffing around
and your hormones are out of control.

There's still a week left
until the trimester is over.

We have plenty of data.
The Lyndon guys are poised.

l don't want to risk anything going wrong.
Come on.
l can't help but wonder
what it would be like.

What what would be like?
To have my baby.
That's it. We're closing out
the experiment tonight. Now.

Get in the car. Come on.
''To have my baby.''
''Feel how soft my skin is.''
Where'd you go,
to France to get the car or something?

-l never realized how lonely l was.
-Get a dog!

What are you so gloomy about?
Come on. The experiment worked.