''Happy birthday to you
''Happy birthday to you
''Happy birthday, dear Alex
''Happy birthday to you''
What a surprise.
-How'd you know?
-We looked it up in your file.

Did you bake this?
-Did you bake this yourself?
-The ingredients mutated a bit.

Happy birthday, big guy.
You're sweating like a racehorse.
You all right?

lt's hot in here.
-No, it's not.
-l'm really hot.

-What? You got a fever?
-l made the icing.

You think you're the first clown
who woke up one day and said:

''l'm bored. l think l'll have a kid.''
l didn't say that.
Why are you being so negative?

Hello? Anybody home?
You're a guy.
This is totally against the natural order.
Guys do not have babies.

We leave that to women.
That's part of the beauty of being a guy.

Didn't your father
ever have this talk with you?

lf you don't want to help, say so.
l don't need a lecture.

The hell you don't.
lf you could feel for a minute
the sense of joy and connection...