Nice, Anna.
Lower your head, open your eyes...

We took out one eyelash
so you can see the difference.

Eyelashes make the eyes look bigger
make them expressive.

You can not compare a woman
with shiny eyes...

with one with her eyes down.
Even with an ugly one,
with eyelashes she… shines.

Let's hear it for the eyelashes, girls!
The marchioness called
You have to do her mother's makeup.

You mean the diseased?
She wants the corps to look beautiful for the funeral.
I can't. I have the stepfather
of Ramon today.

You live in your little world
Send one of the other girls.

Please someone should go.
I promised. Good Bye

I don't understand why you give
promises before we have agreed.

Paka, can you do the marchioness's mother makeup?
-Mari should go.
-Why me? They are sending you.

-I can't. I am scared
-I am trembling from fear.

-You should go together.
-I don't do dead people's makeup

I once had done a dead man's makeup
and I had made him gorgeous.

Two years ago, I was working
for the television, with Abaro.

I had taken over Nicholas,
an American writer.

We are ready. A little powder...
-Do you want anything else?
-No thank you.

Will you sign an autograph for me?
My name is Kika.