How long have you lived in Spain?
Four years.
I came to do a hunting documentary.

I work with American magazines.
I write about traveling.

But I liked your
country and mainly my wife.

You won't find another place like Spain.
In the book's prologue
you respond to malicious voices

that it's not an autobiography.
I accept, though, there are
many elements from my life.

That's what I meant.
Your wife, for instance, died
The same way the one in your book did.

And her husband is
a writer as you.

Many writers
have killed their wives.

I didn't know.
Barrows, for instance, shot her.
and Altuser strangled her.
Fortunately I don't know them.

They are not from Spain, right?
But would you kill your wife?
They suspected me though...
People are nasty.

Exactly these suspicions
gave me the reason for this book.

I wondered if I had
killed my wife...

how would I deceive the law?
The result of this is this book.
I am not going to read this book.
because I don't see well.
I have a problem with my eyesight.

But I will give it as a gift
to my grand children.

Thank you
So ending, what are your plans about the future?
I will soon go to South America
I have to write some articles there.

Have a nice trip, and good luck...
find a woman to marry..
because you are still young.