He hasn't done this.
-But it has been confirmed.
-I don't believe it.

Your dead daughter in law wouldn't agree
with you.

"My dear Ramon, I am leaving..."
"You will never understand me,
and I hope you never do..."

"because it would mean that you are
as desperate as I am"

"It's not Nicholas' fault”.
"My life with him was unbearable,
but I deserved it".

"Forgive me for not giving you the
time I wanted..."

"but pain makes you selfish".
I wonder if mum wanted me
to support Nicholas.

Definitely she wouldn't want you to hold a grudge at him.
He can not even afford the hotel.
Would you mind if he
stayed at the loft for a little while?

Why would I mind?
What will happen with your laboratory?

-I will rent a room.
-That's a good idea.

-What's this?
-If it bothers you, I'll take it.

I like it.
This is your room.
It's not much.

I've seen worse.
We have to talk about the villa.
It's all I got.

-Half of it you mean.
-You don't need it, right?

Do you agree to sell it?
-Let me think about it.
-If you only knew what's worth....

For me this house reminds me of other
Things. Not money.

I don't have the luxury to be sentimental.
I'm not rich.