We are doing a film about a couple
that buried 10 people in their garden.

There is enough space here.
Do you want to see the first episode?
I have it with me.

Read it. It's fantastic.
I'll take a look.
The place is perfect.
-What did you think of the script?
-ItÂ’s awful.

Do you want to write it?
-I've never written for TV.
-But you are a writer.

-My Spanish is not so good.
-We will translate it.

-Don't tell Ramon anything.
-Don't worry.

-What are you doing here?
-I want to rent the house.

It's for sale, not for rent.
I thought that until you sell it you would somehow take advantage of it.
You were wrong... Good Bye Andrea.
Will you escort me? I want to talk to you.
You know the way.
Bye Nicholas. It was nice to see you.
-When is she going to leave me alone?
-You shouldn't have behaved like that.

I never treated her badly.
I just avoided her.

She says you did that scar on her.
She did it herself.
She was cutting herself so that I wouldn't leave.

Interesting girl.
Ramon it's a quarter past. You won't make it.