In a few days Nicholas will go to the villa.
It will be better for him there
The place is ideal for writing.

But he'll be all alone.
Tell me the truth. Do you want to drive him away?
Since you ask, yes.
-I can't forgive him.
-About your mother?

You shouldn't suffer like this.
I stayed an orphan too,
but I don't think about it all the time.

-It's not the same.
-Thanks a lot.

You were little when they died.
-Isn't that enough?
-You don't understand me.

I am trying, but you are not talking to me.
Couples after a while
start to act alike.

We on the contrary do not.
You are shutting yourself more and more.

I read somewhere that people that shut themselves,
are oppressed.

They hide their desires
and eventually die of cancer.

-Do you know what cancer means?

-So you are not letting me speak any more?
-You are not letting me.

-So speak.
-What should I say?

There are things I don't talk about
like Sarajevo or Somalia.

Speak about us.
Didn't I come so that we could celebrate?
I forgot about it.
somebody should stop me.

You have to stop me.
It's good luck.
Put a little behind your ear.
-To us!
-We will love each other no matter what happens.

It's better that nothing happens.
This week the popular series
"The bloody customs"...

presents the famous religious ceremony
"People in love".