-Stop eating!
-But I haven't eaten anything all day.

If you were in prison you would eat.
There is no better place.

-It has no women.
-It has gays though.

-Is it the same?
-You want everything your way.

Tie me up.
and hit me.
Hit you? Do you fancy it?
What an ass! So that they don't suspect you, moron!
-You are brilliant.
-And you are a jackass. Tie me up.

Gag me with the towel!
Don't make so much noise
my lady is sleeping inside the other room.

-Is there a woman here?
-You are horny.

Then fuck me one time to calm down.
Two times.
And one time with the cousin
and her little one.

Leave her alone.
or I'll call the police.
Gag me with the towel and punch me.
-Haven't you learned anything in prison?
-Shut up Juanita.

-For Christ sake, hit me!