Stay still!
What do you prefer?
Me to fuck you or slit your throat?

Open your legs!
Mind the knife!
Are you Paul Batho?
The famous porn star.
I am Kika.

Mind the knife
What you are doing is not nice.

What do you mean? I am the best!
Everyone said so!

We are not making a movie though! This is real rape.
I suspect you have problems.
-No problem.
-But you are a fugitive. I know!

Can't we put this aside and talk
about your problems?

I am understanding.
Discrete. I won't tell a soul.

You are drooling all over me!
I am talking to you!
Let me go!
Hurry up please.

A woman is being raped at
Douke Sevigia street nr 3, sixth floor.

-How do you know? Are you the rapist?
-I am just a voyeur .

-Name and address.
-Alehandro Moonioz. Orenze 23.

And you thing I believe you?
The rapist looks like Batho
and he is holding a knife.