Did you write down the address?
Take care.
Some stupid man says Paul Batho
is raping a woman.

What a world! Did he tell you where?
-Shall we go check it out?
-He is probably lying.

Why don't we go for a ride then and we'll see tomorrow morning.
I am not in the mood today.
Time goes by so fast. Have you noticed?
Should I put collagen in my lips?
I've done everything else.
Even a chin job.
In America this dimple is priceless.
I didn't leave it like this though.
Me and Mr. Douglas have it.

You are giving me a headache.
Let's go get us a rapist.

-Two orgasms are not enough for you?
-My record is four.

-Today I am going to break it.
-And you have to do it with me?

It's one thing to be a rapist and another to do this.
We have been here all day and I can not even
go to the toilet.

-Let go of the knife.
-Behave yourself.

I hope you won't pass me any
disease from jail.

You don't even use a condom
although you should.