I have gotten bored of your dick, you know that?
-You beast, let go of my lady!
-Go back to the kitchen!

Don't go to the kitchen.
I see you! Do you want me to kill you?
There is nothing we can do!
Just let him cum.

He's done that already twice and he didn't even take it out.
It's Paul Batho the porn star.
I see! We got ourselves a professional her!
Are you listening Paul?

-She is talking to you
-Are you going to have us like this all day?

You cum one more time and then you leave
We are not going to say anything.

You cum and you leave.
Did you hear me?

That's all we needed. Who is it?
Don't open whoever it is.
-How can I open tied up like this?
-Call for help.

-I am gagged too.
-Do something!

As if this wasnÂ’t enough
do you want people to see us as well?

Cum, for god sake!
-There is no one here.

I hear something.
Something is wrong!
Open up, police!

Open this door immediately!
Don't shoot, Mario!