Legends of the Fall

Tristan Ludlow was bom
in the moon of the falling leaves.

lt was a terrible winter.
His mother almost died
bringing him into this world.

His father. the Colonel.
brought him to me.

l wrapped him in a bearskin
and held him all that night

As he grew into a man,
l taught him the joy of the kill.

When the hunter
cuts out its warm heart -

- setting its spirit free.
Colonel Ludlowhad three sons.
but Tristan was his favourite.

l'd had sons. too ...
But they were gone now... Forever.
lt was a very bad time.
The Colonel had tried
to help the people.

But it was no use.
So he decided to go his own way.
He wanted to lose the madness
over the mountains. he said.

Begin again.
Lose the madness. he said...
And so we lived for many years,
and the boys grew strong.

Alfred was the older brother.
old even for his years.

Samuel was the youngest