Legends of the Fall

lhave these letters.
Read them.
They are from all ofthem.
Ludlow... lsabel... Samuel.

The whole family. The whole story.
ltis all written here.
April 13th, 1913.
Dear lsabel, l am not fool enough to
try to alter a life already lived.

But l feel l have not done well
raising our sons in this wild place.

What did l know of children?
l was trained to lead men.

This is infinitely harder.
Dear William, you take too much
responsibility on yourself.

Our sons can find their own paths.
They are willful, certainly, -

- but who are we
to complain of willfulness.

l have news of Samuel.
At a Harvard tea -

- he met Miss Susannah Finncannon.
l know it will surprise you greatly,
but they are engaged.

This summer he will bring her
to Montana to meet you all.

So behave yourself and be
as charming as only you can be.

There he is.
- How the hell are you?
- Good, and you?

Samuel. Good to see you, boy.